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Steve’s Newsletter – February 2021

Unfortunately, Pastor Steve and his family are all poorly at present suffering from Covid. We send our love and
prayers to them all for a speedy recovery and pray that they will feel the power of the holy spirit’s healing.

Please accept my offering instead of the Minister’s Letter.

According to “My Year”, February in Roald Dahl’s eyes was a month that required you to batten down the hatches and wait it out. The “bitterest and fiercest month of all” wasn’t one to be welcomed!

But, despite the chill, rain and wind, February definitely brings with it with “some small blessings here and there” that are worth celebrating, such as catkins on hazel bushes and hearing the blackbirds begin to sing. The thing that excited Dahl in the month of February was the peak of an errant molehill sitting in his front lawn, to most of us a sight that would not be greeted any degree of pleasure. Dahl was a keen gardener who grew orchids and prize onions as one of his many hobbies. Dahl writes in regard to his love of molehills.

“I love seeing molehills because they tell me that only a few inches below the surface some charming and harmless little fellow is living his own private busy life” Roald Dahl, My Year.

This makes me think of our resident badger at Wesley and how oblivious he is to the trail of mess and destruction he
leaves behind as he wanders through his domain of our car park and surrounding gardens. It is a moment of excitement in my house, when he is caught on the CCTV images, just scurrying down the drive completely in his own world. I count this as a “small blessing here and there” and not just for February.

I wonder what your “small blessings here and there” will be this month?

God Bless,