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The ending of a life can be a very sad, troubling and moving time, and we as a church would wish to help you in your grieving. We can do this in a range of ways, just through a visit from our minister, or by helping you arrange a funeral or memorial service.

Home Visits

After a bereavement we can come and visit and spend some time listening and sharing with you as you try to come to terms with what has happened. As Christians, we believe that there is a hope of eternal life, and that our saviour Jesus Christ has gone on ahead of us to “prepare a room for us in our Father’s house” (John 14). We can come and simply listen, or we can offer prayers. Our intent is just to show the love of God in this difficult time. The gospels also remind us that when Jesus was told that one of his friends had died, he wept with the family. Jesus also said “Blessed are those who mourn; they shall be comforted.”

The Methodist Worship book offers a set of prayers for use at home or in a hospital after someone has died. See them here.


After you have spoken to your chosen undertaker, we can help put together a funeral service. We will work together with your to create a funeral fitting for your loved one. A funeral service can act as a moment of healing, as we remember and say goodbye to a loved one when we commend them to God.

At a funeral service, we give thanks for the life of the person that has died. We spend some time in thinking and re-membering their life. We take comfort and strength from words of scriptures, and we pray for those who are left behind. During the service, it is also an opportunity to sing their favourite hymns, or hear their favourite piece of music or poems.

As a funeral service at the Crematorium is time limited, some families prefer to have a service in the local church first, followed by the committal at the Crematorium. Alternatively, it is possible to have a committal at a crematorium, followed by a Thanksgiving or Memorial service at the church on the same day or on a later date.

We can also conduct a short service at the crematorium, or by booking a double slot at the crematorium a longer service can be conducted at the Crematorium.

For a burial, we can also conduct a service at the church followed by the committal at the graveside.

Interment or spreading of Ashes

At a later date, when the family are ready, we can also assist in a short service of interment of ashes, or for the spreading of ashes.

Bereavement Services

As a follow up to a funeral, we can again offer to visit the bereaved to listen and talk through the process of grief.

On Christmas Eve, we also offer an opportunity in the Communion Service before Christmas to light a candle for a lost loved one.


Please contact Pastor Steve Mayo on 01702 483827 or if we can help you in your time of bereavement.