Covid Guidance Update – July 2021. 

Following the recent changes to Covid restrictions, we wanted to let you know how we intend to move forward over the next few weeks and months at Wesley. Whilst there are no longer legal requirements on places of worship, both the Methodist Church and the UK Government are still advising caution because of rising case numbers. We want to make sure that everyone will feel safe and comfortable within the church building, and will therefore be implementing the following guidance, and we strongly encourage you to observe this whilst on the premises to help protect yourself and others:

  • Hand sanitiser, track and trace records and face coverings to remain.
  • Singing will be allowed, with masks on.
  • Social distancing – chairs will be socially distanced for worship, meetings etc. Please try and maintain social distancing, especially when greeting others, and be aware that not everyone will be comfortable with the relaxation of legal social distancing rules.
  • Coffee after the service will return, at the rear of the Sanctuary. Face coverings can be removed when seated for drinks.

All the churches in our section will be taking these same precautions going forward.

This guidance will be reviewed each month, taking into account any changes to national and Methodist Church guidance and the local Covid case rate, and any amendments will be circulated.

Thank you for your support as we navigate the next few weeks and months.