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Steve’s Newsletter – August 2020

I’m sure that we have all become very familiar with the slogan above! But that is still the overriding responsibility for
those leading churches, as well as those who don’t.

Many have been asking when we are going to open for Sunday worship again, as some churches, but not all, have
already returned to a ‘new normal’ form of worship, with no singing, social distancing and no hymn books or Bibles!

Well, a decision has been made by the circuit, of which we are part, that we will recommence our Sunday services in
September and a preaching plan for that quarter is being drawn up.

Some of our churches have already opened for private prayer in the week, but the attendance for this has been
minimal, I think due to people still having concerns for their safety and the safety of others.

There is a huge amount of preparation required for us to reopen for worship, and I am grateful to those who have
undertaken this daunting responsibility.

We want to open, but we want to open safely, so please bear with us as we prepare to return to church.

Every blessing,

Pastor Steve